Why we exist

We work with the road transport industry and government agencies to improve heavy vehicle productivity in pursuit of the world’s most efficient and safe road transport system.


Who we are

We are engineers who have built our careers in the heavy vehicle industry. We have expert knowledge of heavy vehicle configurations and their complex interactions with the operating environment. We communicate our findings to non-technical audiences, and we do it with authority and influence.


What we do

  • We form evidence-based foundations for heavy vehicle policy development, regulatory reform, road access decision-making, infrastructure planning and driver-assistance technology deployment.
  • We use bespoke engineering software, instrumentation and other intellectual property to evaluate the performance of heavy vehicles and road designs from a productivity and safety perspective.
  • We obtain PBS Design Approvals and facilitate road access for high-productivity heavy vehicles.
  • We impart our knowledge of productivity and safety issues by writing research papers and blog posts, conducting training and speaking at conferences.
  • From time to time we provide expert witness services in relation to heavy vehicle dynamics and safety.


Our values

We didn’t choose our values; they chose us. These are the values that built Advantia.

…because we’re here for you, whoever you are.

…because we want to earn your trust.

…because we want you to respect us.

…because you can’t afford to wait.

…so you’ll come back next time.


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