Heavy vehicle field testing is one of Advantia’s key areas of expertise. We design and conduct field test programs to collect heavy vehicle performance data including:

  • Travel speed and position
  • Longitudinal, lateral and vertical acceleration
  • Truck and trailer body roll, pitch and yaw
  • Stopping distance
  • Trailer articulation
  • Axle movement
  • Component surface temperature
  • Vibration


Our engineers have delivered a range of field testing projects, including:

  • Braking capability investigation of mobile plant for the mining industry
  • Measurement of dynamic wheel loads for national research into infrastructure impacts
  • Acceleration and deceleration performance of road trains
  • Development of safer truck and dog combinations for fuel transport
  • Quantifying the dynamic stability of quad road trans hauling dangerous goods


heavy vehicle field testing engineer
heavy vehicle field testing equipment


We use a custom designed and built vehicle performance data acquisition system. The system is modular and incredibly robust and reliable. Examples of some of the field testing projects that Advantia has undertaken recently using this system include:


All Advantia field testing projects are completely managed and conducted by Advantia engineers, from start to finish. This includes the provision of Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) and complete responsibility for the management of all safety aspects when on site.

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