Advantia’s heavy vehicle technical expertise is supported by advanced heavy vehicle computer simulation using TruckSIM. TruckSIM is a commercial multi-body dynamics simulation package, designed specifically for the assessment of heavy vehicle dynamics.

Using TruckSIM, Advantia can model any heavy vehicle combination from rigid trucks and buses to quad-trailer road trains. The level of detail that TruckSIM provides allows vehicle models to be specified according to their components, which allows specific tyre and suspension models to be captured. Advantia has built a vast library of component performance data in cooperation with manufacturers. Advantia’s simulation capabilities are used by a wide range of clients in the following services:

  • Assessing the impacts of road geometry on heavy vehicle stability
  • Quantifying the road area requirements of heavy vehicles (swept path)
  • Benchmarking the safety performance of heavy vehicle combinations
  • Quantifying the impacts of load variation on rollover stability

Assessing the impacts of road geometry on stability is an important aspect of quantifying the rollover risks for heavy vehicles posed by new road designs, and can also be crucial in crash investigations. Advantia models vehicles and their loads, and the road topography using design or survey data. In the case of assessing rollover risk, the simulations allow the maximum safe speed to be determined. In the case of crash investigations, different scenarios of steering path and travel speed can be investigated, thereby quantifying the relative contribution of factors relating to the road, the driver and the vehicle. Advantia has completed a number of these projects for Australian State Road Authorities recently. [Project summary]

Quantifying the road area requirements of heavy vehicles is required in instances where access may be limited due to road geometry or the presence of obstructions or parked cars. Advantia can combine simulation results with high-definition aerial and satellite images to clearly demonstrate whether a heavy vehicle will be able to negotiate a given manoeuvre. Advantia recently used these capabilities to investigate the effects of front-mounted bicycle racks on the swept paths of typical route buses. [Project summary]

The safety performance of heavy vehicle combinations can be easily benchmarked using computer simulation. This knowledge is important for both the road transport industry and its regulators. Fleet managers want to understand the relative safety of their range of heavy vehicle combinations. Policy makers need to draft regulations that account for differing levels of safety performance.

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