Performance Based Standards (PBS) really is a breeze with Advantia.

Join the growing list of people who have experienced an Advantia PBS solution and haven’t looked back.

What people tell us

  • We are the most responsive
  • Our staff are competent and courteous
  • Our processes are smooth and efficient
  • Our pricing is transparent and reasonable
  • We offer the best after-sales support

Service options

  • Concept design, evaluation and optimisation
  • Infrastructure impact analysis (swept path, pavement loading, bridge loading)
  • Road manager consent (‘in-principle access support’)
  • Choice of Design Approval packages (Specific, Flexi, Blueprint)
  • Amendments (add/change approved specifications)
  • Anomalies/variations (approve any specification discrepancies after build completion)

Examples of our work

Performance Based Standards - Toll
Performance Based Standards - Porthaul
Performance Based Standards - Tyquin


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