Gaining access approval for a non-standard heavy vehicle combination is the most critical aspect of all, but one that is often overlooked when navigating the PBS process.

Advantia is in a unique position to assist the road transport industry to determine whether access is likely to be permitted, whether any conditions will be imposed, and whether road managers are likely to request additional assessments.

Advantia’s engineers have an excellent working knowledge of the current access arrangements for all types of heavy vehicles in all of Australia’s states.

After spending just a couple of minutes with us discussing your desired operation over the phone, you’ll have a far better understanding of the likelihood of access.

Level 2A road access network Australia

Level 2A road access network Melbourne

We are regularly engaged by the road transport industry to prepare and manage in-principle access requests for Performance Based Standards (PBS) combinations. In that task, we act as a liaison between the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR), state road authorities (e.g. VicRoads, RMS), local councils, and the applicant.

We work through issues as they arise, and challenge unfavourable access decisions if there is justification. We can undertake the technical assessments that road managers typically request, which include bridge impact and swept path assessment.

We have succeeded in obtaining access for innovative heavy vehicles where it was initially denied, achieved greater mass and dimensions, and boosted the efficiency of transport operations. Most importantly, our clients are properly informed and can make confident decisions regarding their businesses.

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