Advantia’s heavy vehicle technical expertise lends itself to providing research and advice to guide heavy vehicle policy and regulatory reform. Advantia’s technical research services are sought by road managers, industry associations and federal government agencies. Some of Advantia’s recent projects in this field include:

  • Development of a national policy for modular B-triples [Project summary]
  • Review and on-going development of Victoria’s High-Productivity Freight Vehicle (HPFV) trial and subsequent roll-out [Project summary]
  • Investigating axle load increases for two-axle buses [Project summary]
  • Development of a framework for truck-trailer combinations to operate at PBS mass and dimensions without PBS
  • Feasibility study for the more general use of tridem-drive prime movers in semi-trailer combinations
  • Prioritising the development of transport infrastructure for the Australian dairy industry [Project summary]
  • Reviewing the road and infrastructure impacts of agricultural vehicles [Project summary]
  • Providing technical services to guide the update of route assessment policy

Advantia is proud of its role in shaping national heavy vehicle policy through the Austroads Freight Task Force. Austroads is the association of Australasian road transport and traffic agencies. Its purpose is to improve Australian and New Zealand transport outcomes by providing expert technical input to national road and transport policy development, improving practices, and promoting operational consistency.

Advantia’s completed Austroads projects are:

  • Harmonisation of pilot and escort vehicle driver requirements (Austroads Project FS1701)
  • Future challenges of changing agricultural equipment (Austroads Project FS2033)

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