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PBS Masterclass

In 2019, Advantia will be running an in-depth training course on Performance Based Standards (PBS). Known as the PBS Masterclass, this one-day course is designed for people who may have any role to play in PBS. Advantia has been involved in the PBS Scheme since it was conceived almost 20 years ago now, however a… Read more »

Truck exclusion lanes: What does the evidence say?

For the past four years, heavy vehicles have been prohibited from using the right-hand lane of two sections of Melbourne’s freeway network: the Princes Freeway between Kororoit Creek Road and Avalon Road (39 km), and the Eastern Freeway between Springvale Road and Hoddle Street (18 km). According to VicRoads, these exclusion lanes are “aimed at… Read more »

Quantifying the benefits of advanced truck and trailer safety technologies

It wasn’t until the Safety Drive Days at Melbourne’s Sandown Raceway in early March that I realised just how much effort this industry is putting into promoting the benefits of advanced truck and trailer safety technologies. At first I couldn’t understand why the delivery of such a simple message was such hard work, but then… Read more »