Service: Expert Witness

Using heavy vehicle simulation to investigate a logging truck crash in Scandinavia

Advantia’s heavy vehicle simulation expertise was called upon to investigate an incident involving a logging truck and trailer combination that rolled over on a curved freeway access ramp near the Swedish-Norwegian border. Project summary by Adam Ritzinger. Advantia was engaged by the Swedish branch of the international professional services consultancy, WSP Group, who were investigating… Read more »

B-double jackknife reconstruction

When a pocket B-double tanker jackknifed on a sweeping downhill bend on a wet night, Advantia was engaged to reconstruct the incident by computer simulation. Project summary by Rob Di Cristoforo. An air line had failed between the prime mover and trailers, causing the trailer axles to lock on the wet road. The combination reportedly… Read more »

More projects

Other Advantia projects include: PBS Design Approval Applications on behalf of truck and bus manufacturers and fleet operators, for buses, rigid trucks, truck and dogs, single-artics, A-doubles, B-doubles, A-triples, B-triples, AB-triples and AAB-quads Development of a framework for truck-trailer combinations to operate at PBS mass and dimensions without PBS Feasibility study for the more general… Read more »