Daniel Nolan

Daniel Nolan
Daniel Nolan

BSc(Mech) MEng(Mech) Engineering Manager

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Career summary

Daniel Nolan has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Systems and a Master of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Melbourne.

Daniel joined Advantia in 2015. Over the years, he has developed and optimised the internal systems of the company which has created better outcomes for clients and enabled a better product offering. He specialises in computer simulation of heavy vehicle dynamics, PBS assessment and analysis of field test data. Daniel is an accredited PBS assessor. He has completed the internationally recognised Dynamics of Heavy-Duty Trucks course at the University of Michigan, which consolidated his knowledge of heavy vehicle dynamics.

Daniel’s current role – Engineering Manager – has him support the Engineering team and oversees all technical outputs. Daniel always strives for the highest possible quality and ensures that Advantia maintains itself as the leader in technical excellence.

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