Our past defines us

  1. 1998


    Advantia’s roots go all the way back to the early days of innovative road train combinations for improved heavy vehicle productivity & safety in Australia’s outback. As a graduate engineer at the time, our Founder Rob Di Cristoforo undertook numerous safety assessments of innovative road trains by computer simulation, before going on to establish an international profile as a high-productivity freight vehicle expert.

  2. 2008

    Advantia is founded

    Our first contract was to manage a fleet of five heavy vehicle driving simulators for DECA Training, who implemented an innovative approach to driver training in Australia.

  3. 2009

    Commenced two pivotal projects for VicRoads: Evaluation of a two-year trial of 30-metre B-doubles, and a survey of the in-service axle loads of two-axle buses. Both projects ultimately led to unprecedented heavy vehicle policy change Australia-wide.

  4. 2010

    Reviewed the processes used by five State Road Authorities when assessing bridge loading for access decision-making.

  5. 2011

    Developed a national policy for Modular B-triples for the National Transport Commission.

  6. 2012

    Obtained a suite of PBS Design Approvals for high-mass truck and dog tippers for Hercules Engineering.

  7. 2013

    Obtained a suite of PBS Design Approvals for 20-metre tri-tandem B-double tankers for Tieman Tankers.

  8. 2014

    Pioneered a method of heavy vehicle stability assessment for the geometric design of Australia’s first ‘circulating road’ freeway interchange at Ravenswood, Victoria.

  9. 2015

    Commenced offering the “PBS Masterclass” training course. Conducted a world-first investigation of the effects of safety chains on hauling unit stability in dog trailer detachments. Advised Dairy Australia on infrastructure investment priorities to maximise road transport productivity. Conducted Austroads research on the challenges of ever-increasing equipment size and mass in the agricultural sector.

  10. 2016

    Developed an Australian-style A-double design for the South African market. Obtained PBS Design Approval for Australia’s first 26-metre A-double tipper. Obtained PBS Design Approval and road access for Victoria’s first 34-metre A-double container skel.

  11. 2017

    Conduct Austroads research on the barriers to High Productivity Freight Vehicle (HPFV) Access on municipal roads. Obtain PBS Design Approvals across Australia’s HPFV fleet and secure road access for HPFV operators, including interstate connections.

  12. 2018

    Completed a bus driving risk assessment in Victorian alpine conditions on access roads to Mt Hotham, Mt Buller and Mt Baw Baw. Conducted a review of 'Super Load' U-Trough rail beam transports as part of the Skye/Overton Road level crossing removal in Frankston.

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  13. 2019

    Completed significant projects in Victoria and New South Wales resulting in publication of Victoria's platform trailer networks up to 176-tonne and the Class 3 Port Botany Container Transport Notice.

  14. 2020

    Advantia Begins a New Era

    After more than two years in Advantia’s leadership team, General Manager Victor Trumper has acquired the business and will take over from Rob Di Cristoforo as Managing Director, effective 1 May 2020.