Performance Based Standards (PBS)

Join the ever-growing list of businesses realising the benefits of partnering with Advantia to achieve PBS success.  Whether you’re a trailer/body builder or a transport operator, if you haven’t properly explored the potential benefits of PBS for your business, you’re not really in the game.

Are you in the game?

When Performance Matters

It’s not just vehicle performance that’s important in PBS; for true PBS success you also need a high-performing professional partner like Advantia.

Advantia delivers more new PBS Design Approvals than any other PBS Assessor.  Australia’s three largest PBS trailer/body builders trust Advantia to ensure their ongoing PBS success.

Trailer/Body Builders

Trailer/Body Builders

Advantia’s long history of repeat business with Australia’s largest PBS-approved equipment manufacturers is built on unwavering attention to the specific needs of each manufacturer.  Whether you’re mass-producing within a consistent range of design specifications or matching each build to your customer’s unique needs, Advantia can offer a style of Design Approval and a working arrangement to best suit you.

Transport Operators

Transport Operators

Many of Advantia’s PBS customers are transport operators who are serious enough about PBS to take control of their own Design Approvals, giving them the freedom to set their own design specifications and make changes to their PBS fleet over time.  Having control of your own PBS destiny makes sense if you see PBS as integral to your business. This is how Advantia’s most successful transport operator customers work.

PBS: Linking VIC & NSW Seminars

In recognition of the PBS network alignment in Victorian and New South Wales. Victorian Department of Transport, Transport for New South Wales, NHVR, Advantia, Mass Management, V-DAQ and BTT Engineering are running workshop information sessions to provide industry with the insights, knowledge and detail for operating successful PBS operations in both Victoria and New South Wales.

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What We Deliver

  • Ownership of a fully-customised Design Approval for your exclusive use, so you have full control of your approval and a longer-lasting advantage over your competitors
  • An approach to design specifications that minimises the risk of non-conformance, getting you on the road sooner and saving you money
  • An unparalleled customer experience, so you’ll be happy to work with us in the long-term

What our clients have to say

  • Our business has gone from strength to strength on the back of PBS. Advantia has been with us on that journey as we’ve built up a fleet of some large and unique PBS combinations, and their help with road access negotiations has been a big part of it.

    James Williamson, Director


  • We’ve done a number of PBS projects through Advantia since 2014, and we’ve been happy to maintain that relationship as we’ve moved on to bigger and better vehicle concepts. We trust Advantia to provide the sage advice we need in the PBS environment, given the uncertainties around road access and the high stakes involved. So far it’s working well and has led to significant new business opportunities for us.

    Garth Hutton, Director

    Wynyard Transport

  • As one of Australia’s biggest suppliers of PBS equipment, Vawdrey needs a reliable PBS consultant who will be there for us in all kinds of situations. Whether it’s to help us understand what’s possible with a new and unique design, through to obtaining Design Approval and after-sales services like design changes and certification inspection issues, we’ve found Advantia to offer a great service across the board.

    Alastair Lang, General Manager

    Vawdrey Australia

  • Shephard’s has had a strong working relationship with Advantia since 2012. Being a member of their Partner Program has saved us considerable time and money on PBS services. We always find the turnaround time to be quite good, especially on certification anomalies, which is important when the customer wants to take delivery of their equipment and put it to work.

    Graham Weatherhog, Managing Director

    Shephard Transport Equipment

  • We started using Advantia in 2014 after being in the PBS space for some time. The difference has been amazing; nobody else ever achieved their level of responsiveness, so they’ve basically taken the pain out of it.

    James Yerbury, Director

    Graham Lusty Trailers