Victor Trumper

Victor Trumper
Victor Trumper

BCom Managing Director

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Career summary

Following various leadership roles in the VicRoads Registration and Licensing section, Victor joined the VicRoads Heavy Vehicle Policy section in 2011 and was responsible for a range of heavy vehicle policy reform initiatives including the setting of Victorian heavy vehicle registration charges, the management of heavy vehicle registrations under the NHVR and the assessment of the Hume Freeway for High Productivity Freight Vehicle (HPFV) access.

Building off the experience of the Hume Freeway HPFV assessment, Victor took the lead role within VicRoads for the assessment, gap analysis and development of Victoria’s existing and future HPFV High Mass networks. In this capacity, findings from the assessments and gap analysis were used to develop business cases for funding the removal of HPFV network constraints.

Key achievements

  • Managed the successful implementation of Heavy Vehicle Registration Charges in Victoria (2012-16) including the standardization of trailer axle group charges
  • Secured funding for the strengthening of HPFV mass-limited bridges on Victoria’s HPFV network
  • Developed and published HPFV networks for 77.5t B-Doubles and 85.5t A-Doubles (2016)
  • Developed the ‘blueprints’ for future Victorian HPFV networks including 36.5m A-Doubles and 20m Quad-Semis.

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