New professional appointments

Advantia’s Managing Director, Rob Di Cristoforo, is proud to announce three new professional appointments.

Rob is now recognised by the Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland as a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) in the area of Mechanical Engineering. RPEQ status is required by the Queensland government when consulting to them on matters that have a Mechanical Engineering aspect. One of Advantia’s core business areas – advising on heavy vehicle mass and dimensions policy – is covered by this registration. This allows Advantia to work directly with the Department of Transport and Main Roads on important heavy vehicle productivity matters.

Rob is also now a member of a second standing committee of the United States Transportation Research Board (TRB) of the National Academies. Having been a member of Standing Committee AT055 (Truck Size and Weight) for most years since 2005, Rob has joined Standing Committee ANB70 (Truck and Bus Safety). Since 2005 Rob has attended six TRB Annual Meetings, held in Washington, D.C. each January.

Adam Ritzinger has also recently joined Standing Committee AT030 (Agricultural Transportation). This appointment complements Adam’s recent work for Australian jurisdictions in quantifying the benefits and impacts of agricultural vehicles, and Advantia’s current Austroads research project ‘Future Challenges of Changing Agricultural Equipment’ (FS2033).