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More combinations eligible for pre-advised PBS Design Approval applications

On the 10th of December 2020, the NHVR continued to expand the combinations allowed under the pre-advised (PA) Design Approval process. The expansion now means that combinations that contain a single or tri-axle drive axle group can now be approved without review of the PBS Review Panel, which significantly reduces the processing time for these… Read more »

Assisting industry through PBS – Advantia and BTT Engineering combine

To simplify and streamline industry’s experience with the Performance Based Standards (PBS) Scheme and assist industry with required approvals to operate, Advantia and BTT have combined to provide a united one-stop-shop for all your PBS needs. As the PBS Scheme continues to mature with an increasing number of PBS combinations approved to operate on Australian… Read more »

PBS Masterclass Webinar 2020

Advantia is running in-depth training on Performance Based Standards (PBS) but not as we know it! Coming this November Advanita will live stream a PBS Masterclass, this one-day webinar is designed for people who may have any role to play in PBS. Advantia has been involved in the PBS Scheme since it was conceived almost 20… Read more »

PBS Super Semi

Introducing the Super Semi! An innovative vehicle combination which carries between 11% and 22% more payload per trip, with no increase in tare weight. Advantia has developed and secured access for a game-breaking new semi-trailer design which draws on the strengths of PBS to offer huge benefits to operators and customers. The Super Semi builds… Read more »

NSW lifts Port Botany container transport productivity

From late 2019, the efficiency and productivity of NSW container transports improved with New South Wales Class 3 Port Botany Container Transportation Mass Exemption Notice 2019. To increase the productivity of container transports in Sydney to and from Port Botany, Advantia was engaged by TfNSW to investigate options for increasing the allowable mass of heavy… Read more »

A PBS case study: $65,400 extra profit in one year under PBS

For many people in the industry, PBS has often been touted as a benefit. This is either through promoting safer vehicles or allowing operators to make their operations more efficient and productive. But today we are going to look at a case of an operator making the decision of whether to operate under PBS or… Read more »

NHVR allows dangerous goods vehicles under PBS pre advised scheme

From 22 July 2019, Performance Based Standards (PBS) vehicles carrying dangerous goods will be allowed through the PBS pre‑advised design approval process. The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has further expanded the PBS pre-advised (PA) design approval process. Following a long list of changes earlier this year, this may seem like a small change, but… Read more »

PBS Masterclass

In 2019, Advantia will be running an in-depth training course on Performance Based Standards (PBS). Known as the PBS Masterclass, this one-day course is designed for people who may have any role to play in PBS. Advantia has been involved in the PBS Scheme since it was conceived almost 20 years ago now, however a… Read more »

There are new types of combinations allowed under the PBS pre-advised design approval process, but what does this mean?

On the 1st of April 2019, the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) expanded the Performance Based Standards (PBS) pre-advised (PA) design approval process. The changes allow three new types of vehicles to get faster Design Approvals (DA), mostly at PBS Level 2. This batch of changes is centred around expanding the process to include more… Read more »

The case for the PBS 20-metre semi-trailer

Around the world, the undisputed workhorse of the short-haul road freight system is the prime mover and semi-trailer. In Australia, our version of this key vehicle will typically be a 6×4 prime mover towing a tandem or triaxle semi-trailer, with a total length of no more than 19-metres. The combination is used for carrying all… Read more »