PBS Masterclass Webinar 2020

Advantia is running in-depth training on Performance Based Standards (PBS) but not as we know it! Coming this November Advanita will live stream a PBS Masterclass, this one-day webinar is designed for people who may have any role to play in PBS.

Advantia has been involved in the PBS Scheme since it was conceived almost 20 years ago now, however a resounding issue from industry is that there is no clear information available to help make use of PBS. This course is designed to efficiently solve this problem and get you up to speed on PBS, PBS Networks and PBS Access.

Advantia’s PBS Masterclass Webinar will be led by Victor Trumper (pictured) and Advantia’s Accredited PBS Assessors Daniel Nolan and Saizo Takeuchi.

Advantia will guide attendees through the journey of using PBS, starting from project inception, to getting a PBS assessment, to getting PBS vehicles on the road. You will know the steps that you need to take, who you need to speak to, and when you need to get other parties involved; you will be given the awareness to make the most effective use of your time and resources when applying PBS to transport applications.

Since 2015, Advantia’s PBS Masterclass has helped truck manufacturers, trailer manufacturers, consultants, transport operators, road authorities, and others make the most of PBS. This course is highly praised by industry, and we strongly recommend it to anybody who is serious about playing in the PBS space.

Advantia’s upcoming PBS Masterclass Webinar to be held on Thursday 26 November 2020. For a more detailed breakdown of what is in the masterclass, have a look at our overview document.

Register and book your attendance by Friday 06 November 2020 to receive a 10% early bird discount!