PBS Super Semi

Introducing the Super Semi! An innovative vehicle combination which carries between 11% and 22% more payload per trip, with no increase in tare weight.

Advantia has developed and secured access for a game-breaking new semi-trailer design which draws on the strengths of PBS to offer huge benefits to operators and customers. The Super Semi builds on the tried and trusted triaxle semi-trailer but with a key update; spreading the triaxle group to enable higher Gross Combination Mass (GCM) options.

The combination can also be configured as a 1-2-2+1 design.
By spreading the axles out, the Super Semi now has an extra axle group and comes in at 49.5t GCM capacity! Furthermore this is achieved at Concessional Mass Limits (CML), so Higher Mass Limit (HML) routes are not required. Taking the case of two vehicles operating at CML and HML:

CML Super-Semi Standard CML triaxle semi-trailer Standard HML triaxle semi-trailer
GCM 49.5t 44.0t 46.0t
Tare 19.0t 19.0t 19.0t
Payload 30.5t 25.0t 27.0t

Further advantages of the design include the ability to get great access at the increased mass. As with all PBS combinations, Super-Semi payload heights are influenced by the suspension qualities of the prime mover and trailer. Advantia recommends discussing suspension options to determine the viability of the Super-Semi for different transport tasks.

Photo credit – Pumpa Manufacturing walking floor Super-Semi 1-2-2+1

Advantia has worked hard and secured access on PBS Level 1 networks at 49.5t in participating jurisdictions with  pending decisions from Victoria and Tasmania, in addition, because the design is under PBS, you still get 43t General Mass Limit access under the PBS Level 1 notice (https://www.nhvr.gov.au/files/201810-0907-general-access-for-pbs-level-1-operating-at-gml.pdf).

PBS Level 1 network Everywhere else
Queensland 49.5t 49.5t
New South Wales 49.5t 43.0t
Victoria 47t 43.0t
South Australia 49.5t 43.0t
Tasmania 46-49.5t (pending) 43.0t

With great productivity, safety and access the Super Semi is setting the new benchmark for single‑trailer transport in Australia.
For more information on the Super Semi please Contact Advantia.