Assisting industry through PBS – Advantia and BTT Engineering combine

To simplify and streamline industry’s experience with the Performance Based Standards (PBS) Scheme and assist industry with required approvals to operate, Advantia and BTT have combined to provide a united one-stop-shop for all your PBS needs.

As the PBS Scheme continues to mature with an increasing number of PBS combinations approved to operate on Australian roads, Advantia and BTT have combined to provide PBS Assessment and PBS Certifications services under a one-stop-shop model. Whilst PBS requirements stipulate the PBS Assessor and PBS Certifier must be separate individuals, combined services can be provided to simplify and streamline industry’s experience. What this means is Advantia continues specialising in PBS Assessments and BTT continues specialising in PBS Certifications, yet the customer experience is maintained through a single point of contact.



For the transport operator looking to operate under PBS or to invest in a PBS combination, this now means:

  • You interact with a single touch point, noting the PBS Assessment and Certification will be different individuals/companies
  • The PBS Assessment and PBS Certification is coordinated between Advantia and BTT to ensure every step is managed efficiently
  • Specialised PBS Networks and PBS Access capabilities can be drawn upon during the project to maximise PBS combination utilisation and productivity
  • PBS can be explained in simple terms in order to ensure that you get the best outcome for your transport needs
  • Adding trucks and trailers to your current PBS approvals made easy
  • Consolidation of your current PBS approvals to save on permits
  • Advantia and BTT can draw on a combined resource base to manage project timeframes
  • Administration is simplified, meaning you have one contract and one set of payment terms
  • Open and transparent communication providing you with the best advice to suit your requirements



Advantia and BTT have been working under this model for over 12-months now, so we know it works with more than 50 PBS combinations approved to operate under this one-stop-shop model, ranging from Truck and Dogs, B-Doubles, Quad-Semi’s, B-Triples and A-Doubles.



To find out more about your PBS options, please Contact Advantia.