Old dogs; new tricks – navigating approvals in one week (or less!)

Are you aware that owning a 3-axle truck and a 4-axle trailer might exempt you from requiring Performance-Based Standards (PBS) documentation? The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) introduced the Class 3 National Notice for 20m Long 3-axle Truck and 4-axle Dog Trailers just over a year ago. Whether or not you utilise this Notice, Advantia can ensure your truck and dog is operational in less than one week.

This regulation allows operators in the ACT, NSW, QLD, VIC, and SA to conduct their operations under specific conditions without the traditional PBS documentation. However, there are certain requirements to be mindful of. Although many vehicles may already meet more than half of these requirements by default, operators should consider the following:

  • Must meet Tier 1 bridge formulas at desired mass.
  • The operator holds NHVAS mass management accreditation.
  • Must fit within prescribed vehicle dimension envelopes.
  • ABS must be fitted per ADR 35.
  • “Roll-over control” compliant per ADR 35 (e.g. EBS).
  • Full contour conspicuity markings per ADR 13 and UNECE No. 14 (“reflective tape” fitted on all units).

20-metre 3-axle truck and 4-axle dog trailer. Potentially eligible for operation under the ‘Class 3’ Notice. Credit: Transport Certification Services

These conditions are in place to improve vehicle safety, which is a key factor in allowing these vehicles to bypass the PBS approval process. For more information on the Class 3 National Notice for 20m Long 3-axle Truck and 4-axle Dog Trailers, see here for the NHVR’s guide for operators.

For operators who do not meet these requirements, the PBS process remains a viable, and potentially, more desirable option. This process has been greatly streamlined and, under the ‘PBS Tier 1 Notice,’ can quickly approve vehicles, including 3- and 4-axle trucks (twin-steer) and trailers with 3-, 4-, 5-, and 6-axles. The PBS Tier 1 Notice simplifies approval for a broad array of PBS-compliant vehicles, imposing relatively minimal conditions on trucks and trailers, thus facilitating easier access.

Key conditions under this notice include:

  • The operator must obtain and carry a valid PBS Vehicle Approval (VA).
  • The vehicle must comply with the Tier 1 mass limits stipulated on the VA.
  • The vehicle cannot have tri-axle drive group, nor a split axle group.

For more information on the PBS Tier 1 Notice, see here for the NHVR’s guide for operators. For Advantia’s handy reference guide, see here.

3-axle truck and 3-axle dog trailer – approval is possible within one week using Advantia’s blueprints. Credit: Transport Certification Services

Advantia is able to assist if the desired pathway is via the PBS scheme. Gaining the required approvals, to operate under the PBS Tier 1 Notice, is more efficient than ever. While securing the Vehicle Approval (VA) previously could extend up to three months, this is no longer the case, especially for truck and dogs. Advantia’s focus on refining the application process through the strategic use of our truck and dog blueprints, combined with taking advantage of regulatory changes such as the elimination of the “PBS Review Panel” for standard PBS units, has been crucial in reducing the approval time.

These efficiency improvements mean that operational readiness for most truck and dog combinations under PBS, completed by Advantia, can now be achieved in just one week.

To explore the most efficient pathway to PBS approval for your vehicle, contact Advantia today.