Victoria’s 36.5-metre 85.5-tonne A-Double Networks

Building on Victoria’s 30-metre A-Double Networks, VicRoads has published its first PBS Level 3A 36.5-metre A-Double Networks providing access up to 85.5-tonnes. This is a significant development for the road freight industry and High Productivity Freight Vehicle (HPFV) access in Victoria as it provides clear direction that HPFVs up to 36.5-metres can now access key freight routes in regional Victoria and metropolitan Melbourne.

The reference vehicles for the 36.5-metre A-Double networks are modelled off the 30-metre A-Double Reference Vehicle 1 as it adopts a > 5200mm spacing between the rear axle of the lead semi-trailer and the front axle of the dolly trailer. The 36.5-metre reference vehicles do introduce longer semi-trailer wheelbases in a deliberate approach to limiting the impact of the combinations on existing HPFV mass limited bridges, providing increased productivity opportunities of up to 5 tonnes on some freight routes. As an example, the 30-metre A-Double Reference Vehicle 1 is limited to 80.5 tonnes on the Henty Highway at Cavendish over Wannon River, whereas the 36.5-metre A-Double Reference Vehicle 1 is pre-approved at 85.5 tonnes.

The 36.5-metre A-Double networks provide some enhanced features that identify suitable rest areas for HPFVs up to 36.5-metres and any intersections on the HPFV network that do not provide the full PBS Level 3 Low Speed Swept Path (LSSP) access of 10.6-metres. Providing LSSP details for PBS Level 3 geometrically restricted intersections will inform HPFV combination design options and eliminates the financial burden on industry to complete these assessments for longer HPFV combinations, or HPFV combinations with an LSSP greater than PBS Level 2 of 8.7-metres, to secure access onto Victoria’s HPFV networks. Map 1 provides a State view of Victoria’s 36.5-metre A-Double network. By zooming in, details of PBS Level 3 geometrically restricted intersections can be identified.

Victoria’s HPFV 36.5-metre A-Double Network for Reference Vehicle 1

VicRoads is currently completing the bridge assessments for 36.5-metre A-Double networks for reference vehicles that are modelled off the 30-metre A-Double Reference Vehicle 2. Advantia looks forward to the release of these networks and helping industry capatalise on the HPFV opportunities available.

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