Further expansion of the NHVR’s PBS pre-advised system

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has just announced that as of 29 January 2018, the Performance Based Standards (PBS) pre-advised system of fast-tracking new Design Approval applications has been expanded.

Advantia has previously written about why the pre-advised system has been hugely beneficial for reducing turn-around times in processing certain types of PBS Design Approval applications.

The recent changes include:

  • Level 1 prime mover and tri- or quad-axle semitrailer combinations up to 20m long and 50.5t GCM
  • Level 1 B-doubles fitted with tandem or tri-axle groups up to 20m long and 50.5t GCM
  • Level 2 B-doubles fitted with tandem or tri-axle groups up to 26m long and 68.5t GCM
  • Level 2 A-doubles with single, tandem or tri-axle semitrailers and tandem or tri-axle dollies up to 30m long and 85.0t GCM
  • Level 3 A-doubles up to 36.5m long and 95.5t GCM.

Previously 6×4 trucks with 3- and 4-axle dog trailers were eligible in tipper configuration. This has now been expanded to combinations with any body type except for those carrying dangerous goods.

In addition, all hauling units may be twin-steer vehicles, which were not allowed under the old system.

It is expected that with the expansion of the pre-advised system, the majority of new Design Approvals submitted will experience reduced processing times. This will apply to both pre-advised vehicle combinations but also to those that are not. With the reduced number of applications having to go through the PBS Review Panel, the panel members can process the applications they do receive sooner.