Service: Heavy Vehicle Simulation

Modelling speed decay on grades

Advantia conducted a high-fidelity computer simulation of a heavy vehicle driveline to predict speed decay on grades approached with a high initial speed. Heavy vehicles cannot climb grades as easily as light vehicles. Even when encountering a gentle grade with a high initial speed, some heavy vehicles will suffer from significant speed decay. The speed… Read more »

Quantifying the infrastructure impacts of front-mounted bus bicycle racks

‘Bike & Ride’ is an innovative way of combining cycling with bus travel. It is being trialled in several jurisdictions. Buses are fitted with specially-designed, front-mounted bus bicycle racks, allowing two bicycles to be carried. These racks may increase the road space requirements of buses when manoeuvring at low speed, so BusVIC engaged Advantia to… Read more »

Using heavy vehicle simulation to investigate a logging truck crash in Scandinavia

Advantia’s heavy vehicle simulation expertise was called upon to investigate an incident involving a logging truck and trailer combination that rolled over on a curved freeway access ramp near the Swedish-Norwegian border. Project summary by Adam Ritzinger. Advantia was engaged by the Swedish branch of the international professional services consultancy, WSP Group, who were investigating… Read more »

Investigating the road and safety impacts of agricultural vehicles in Victoria

The local agricultural fleet is constantly evolving, driven by economic forces and developments in technology. The mass, dimensions, and capacities of equipment gradually increase over time, and road owners must ensure that their policies remain relevant. Throughout 2015, VicRoads engaged Advantia to undertake research and provide technical advice on their agricultural vehicle policies. Project summary… Read more »

Route assessment for overtaking provision

Assessing overtaking provision is an important aspect in understanding the suitability of existing roads to accommodate high-productivity heavy vehicle combinations. Project summary by Adam Ritzinger. Current methods of evaluating overtaking provision are based on old empirical data, which combined with the complexity of the assessment method itself often results in sub-standard outcomes. Advantia investigated possible… Read more »

B-double jackknife reconstruction

When a pocket B-double tanker jackknifed on a sweeping downhill bend on a wet night, Advantia was engaged to reconstruct the incident by computer simulation. Project summary by Rob Di Cristoforo. An air line had failed between the prime mover and trailers, causing the trailer axles to lock on the wet road. The combination reportedly… Read more »

Rollover risk of minesite vehicles

The simple task of operating a vehicle is one of the riskiest activities that an employee will ever perform. Combine the effect of vehicle modifications with a difficult operating environment and heavy payloads, and the crash risks increase even further. Using advanced 3D multibody dynamics simulation, Advantia evaluates vehicles and environments to quantify stability and… Read more »

Road geometry evaluation for heavy vehicle stability

Road geometry parameters such as curve radius, crossfall, superelevation on bends, transitions, rutting and surface unevenness all have an influence on the rollover stability of a heavy vehicle. Using advanced 3D multibody dynamics simulation, Advantia evaluates road designs and survey data in terms of the impact on heavy vehicle stability. Project summary by Rob Di… Read more »

Modular B-triple policy

Not since the introduction of the B-double in the early 1990s did Australia have such an opportunity to improve the road transport industry’s triple bottom line. This project saw Advantia work with the National Transport Commission to create a practical national policy for the proliferation of B-triples based on an industry proposal for modular assembly… Read more »

More projects

Other Advantia projects include: PBS Design Approval Applications on behalf of truck and bus manufacturers and fleet operators, for buses, rigid trucks, truck and dogs, single-artics, A-doubles, B-doubles, A-triples, B-triples, AB-triples and AAB-quads Development of a framework for truck-trailer combinations to operate at PBS mass and dimensions without PBS Feasibility study for the more general… Read more »