More projects

Other Advantia projects include:

  • PBS Design Approval Applications on behalf of truck and bus manufacturers and fleet operators, for buses, rigid trucks, truck and dogs, single-artics, A-doubles, B-doubles, A-triples, B-triples, AB-triples and AAB-quads
  • Development of a framework for truck-trailer combinations to operate at PBS mass and dimensions without PBS
  • Feasibility study for the more general use of tridem-drive prime movers in semi-trailer combinations
  • Austroads Project FS1701: Harmonisation of pilot and escort vehicle driver requirements
  • Safe systems assessment of the Australian Road Rules and the Australian Vehicle Standards Rules
  • Review of heavy load permit processes and associated bridge assessment methods in five States
  • Development of high-level policy proposals for the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator
  • Expert witness reports regarding heavy vehicle braking performance, road train dynamics, converter dolly design, load restraint, heavy vehicle fleet maintenance, electronic braking systems and on-board electronic weighing systems.

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