Service: Heavy Vehicle Testing

Investigating the road and safety impacts of agricultural vehicles in Victoria

The local agricultural fleet is constantly evolving, driven by economic forces and developments in technology. The mass, dimensions, and capacities of equipment gradually increase over time, and road owners must ensure that their policies remain relevant. Throughout 2015, VicRoads engaged Advantia to undertake research and provide technical advice on their agricultural vehicle policies. Project summary… Read more »

Route assessment for overtaking provision

Assessing overtaking provision is an important aspect in understanding the suitability of existing roads to accommodate high-productivity heavy vehicle combinations. Project summary by Adam Ritzinger. Current methods of evaluating overtaking provision are based on old empirical data, which combined with the complexity of the assessment method itself often results in sub-standard outcomes. Advantia investigated possible… Read more »

Stability testing of safety chains

Safety chains have the potential to eliminate runaway trailer crashes caused by failed pin couplings in truck and dog trailer combinations. However, some industry stakeholders are concerned that the chains themselves could result in unfavourable dynamics in the event of coupling failure. Using field testing, Advantia assessed vehicle dynamics in a range of operating scenarios… Read more »

In-service axle loads survey

Read about how Advantia supported a mass limit increase from 16 to 18 tonnes for 2-axle buses in Victoria. Project summary by Rob Di Cristoforo. VicRoads called upon Advantia in 2009 to carry out a two-year investigation into the Victorian bus industry’s long-held belief that the 16-tonne mass limit for two-axle buses was insufficient. For… Read more »

More projects

Other Advantia projects include: PBS Design Approval Applications on behalf of truck and bus manufacturers and fleet operators, for buses, rigid trucks, truck and dogs, single-artics, A-doubles, B-doubles, A-triples, B-triples, AB-triples and AAB-quads Development of a framework for truck-trailer combinations to operate at PBS mass and dimensions without PBS Feasibility study for the more general… Read more »