Heavy Vehicle Field Testing

As much as Advantia likes to solve problems using computer simulation where possible, there are times when only a physical test will do.  For example, when it isn’t possible to model complex real-life behaviour with sufficient accuracy, or when facing stakeholder scepticism against a purely numerical solution.

Sometimes a combination of simulation and field testing achieves the best result, because the testing validates the simulations, and validated simulations can then be used to expand the range of test scenarios beyond what can be economically achieved in reality.

What We Measure

  • GPS speed and position
  • Vertical, longitudinal and lateral acceleration
  • Roll rate, pitch rate and yaw rate
  • Data from the vehicle’s CAN bus
  • Other data on a case-by-case basis
The Right People

The Right People

Advantia’s engineers are used to putting trucks through their paces in the computer simulation environment.  They’ve analysed enough different scenarios and parameter variations in the virtual world to know what to look for in a physical test.  That means with Advantia you’ll get the right things measured in the right way, leading to the right conclusions.

The Right Equipment

The Right Equipment

Advantia’s instrumentation is based on Bosch sensors and MoTeC data acquisition modules.   It has been designed especially with heavy vehicle field testing in mind, so it is robust and reliable.  The beauty of our equipment is in its simplicity, with one multi-core cable connecting all devices to allow quick and safe installation with no power/data drop-outs.

PBS: Linking VIC & NSW Seminars

In recognition of the PBS network alignment in Victorian and New South Wales. Victorian Department of Transport, Transport for New South Wales, NHVR, Advantia, Mass Management, V-DAQ and BTT Engineering are running workshop information sessions to provide industry with the insights, knowledge and detail for operating successful PBS operations in both Victoria and New South Wales.

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What We Deliver

  • Up-to-date working knowledge of today’s vast array of heavy vehicle configurations
  • Understanding of vehicle design impacts on dynamic performance
  • Proprietary test instrumentation configured specifically for heavy vehicle field testing
  • All work performed by Advantia engineers under Safe Work Method Statements
  • Reports that explain technical concepts in accessible language
  • Insightful analysis and discussion of results